Import API Overview

Resources for importing risk data to the Intelligent Risk Platform

The Import API defines API operations for importing exposure and results data into the Intelligent Risk Platform.

These Import API supports importing data of various file types (e.g. MRI, CED, OED) that are stored in different file formats (BAK, MRI, CSV)

Import Types

The Import API supports mporting exposure and results data in various formats.

Data may be uploaded in different file formats depending on the import type:

Import TypeFile TypesDescription
MRICSV, TXT, XLSXImport exposure data using MRI (multi-relational import).
EDMBAK,MDFImport on-premise EDM data.
OEDCSV, TXTImport exposure data in OED format.

Transforms OAS OED (Open Exposure Data) schema data into EDM exposures and uploads to the Intelligent Risk Platform.

Transforms AIR CEDE (Catastrophe Exposure Data Exchange) schema data into EDM exposures and uploads to the Intelligent Risk Platform.
RDMBAK,MDFImport results data.
RDM_DATABRIDGERDM database from Data Bridge server.

MRI and OED imports support importing structured data from flat files in various file formats (CSV, TXT, or XLSX.) EDM, CEDE, and RDM imports support importing data from a database artifact in the BAK or MDF format.


The Import API is organized into three collections:

Import FoldersAPI resources for managing import folders on AWS.
Import JobsAPI resources for managing Import jobs for importing data from an import folder in the Intelligent Risk Platform.
Import FilesAPI resources for managing import files.

The Import API does not provides API resources for uploading data to import folders. To upload data to an import folder, use the Amazon s3 APIs.