Intelligent Risk Platform

Featured Solution

The open and modular Intelligent Risk Platform is the foundation of Moody's RMS models and unified analytics. It brings together a trusted data repository, collaboarative appications, open APIs, and tools to leverage existing RiskLink® integrations.

The Platform APIs provide access to all Intelligent Risk Platform products and services.

Licensed Risk Modeler, UnderwriteIQ, TreatyIQ, and ExposureIQ tenants can use the Platform API to manage and automate their processes.

Intelligent Risk Platform Applications

Moody's Intelligent Risk Platform applications and services make use of the Intelligent Risk Platform and RMS APIs.

The Risk Modeler API enables you to model catastrophe events for portfolios, accounts, and locations on Intelligent Risk Platform™.

Data Bridge API enables you to administer connections to Data Bridge and to import and export databases.

Location Intelligence API delivers key data and insights to help you to improve business decisions and better manage risk.

UnderwriteIQ leverages the Risk Modeler API to enable groups interested in account-level modelling to import exposures and process exposures using custom workflows.

The Climate On Demand API enables financial services organizations to build physical climate risk applications that leverage the power of the Intelligent Risk Platform™.

ExposureIQ™ leverages the Platform API to enable comprehensive risk exposure management for faster and better informed decision-making.

TreatyIQ™ leverages the Platform API to enable reinsurers to define flexible program structuring, portfolio monitoring, and analytics.