Location Intelligence Developers


Step-by-step instructions for using Location Intelligence API resources to build workflows that accomplish standard risk managment tasks.

Geocode Data

Learn how to accurately locate exposures using the Location Intelligence APIs.

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Hazard Data

Learn how to get better, more accurate predictions using RMS hazard lookup data.

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Risk Zoning

Learn how to identify and screen locations based on a look up of hazard data.

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Risk Scoring

Learn how to screen, select, and triage locations based on their risk scores.

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Loss Cost Pricing

Learn how to calculate the loss cost of locations using RMS peril models.

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Exposure Attributes

Learn to improve the quality of exposure building attributes using the RMS ESDB.

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Developer Assets

Additional tools for learning to use Location Intelligence APIs. Moody's RMS makes Open API specification resources available as files that you may download and use.

OpenAPI Specificatiion

Use the OpenAPI defintions to generate servers and clients in various programming languages, and testing tools.

Postman Collection

Download a Postman Collection containing executable descriptions of Location Intelligence resources.

Jupyter Notebook

Learn to use Location Intelligence services to triage and price location exposures in an interactive development environment.