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Step-by-step instructions for using Data Bridge API resources to build workflows that accomplish standard risk managment tasks.

Introduction to Data Bridge

Import EDM and RDM databases into on-premise SQL Server instances from MDF, BAK, or DACPAC database artifacts using third-party tools and services.

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Administer Data Bridge

The Data Bridge API enables tenant administrators to manage access to their Data Bridge cluster, the server instances in that cluster, and to databases on those instances.

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Administer Cluster Security

Learn to import exposure data from flat files using RMS multi-relational import.

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Administer Custom Databases

Learn to import on-premise EDMs to the Intelligent Risk Platform.

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Manage Database Logins

Learn to define logins to managed server on Data Bridge.

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Import Small Databases

Learn to import small databases to managed server instances on Data Bridge.

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Import Large Databases

Learn to import to import large databases (larger than 5GB in size) in multiple parts.

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Export Databases

Learn to export managed databases as downloadable database artifacts.

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Developer Assets

Additional tools for learning to use Data Bridge API. Moody's RMS makes Open API specification resources available as files that you may download and use.

OpenAPI Specificatiion

Use the OpenAPI defintions to generate servers and clients in various programming languages, and testing tools.

Postman Collection

Download a Postman Collection containing executable descriptions of Data Bridge API resources.

Moody's RMS Support Center

Support Center is a password-protected area for licensees that provides comprehensive software and model documentation.

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