Introduction to Plaform API

Intelligent Risk Platform API provides access to all IRP products and services.


The open and modular Intelligent Risk Platform™ is the foundation for Moody’s RMS models and unified risk analytics. It brings together a trusted data repository, collaborative applications, open APIs, and tools to leverage existing RiskLink® integrations.

The Platform APIs enable Moody's customers that have licensed the Risk Modeler, UnderwriteIQ, ExposureIQ, and TreatyIQ products to leverage the power to the

Platform APIs

The Platform APIs are a collection of APIs that enable Moody's customers to build sophisticated catastrophe modeling and risk analytics applications that leverage Moody's RMS risk models.

Each API is a collection of API resources that facilitate a discreet set of operations:

  • Accumulation API
  • Admin Data API
  • Clone API
  • Copy API
  • Currency Conversion API
  • ESG Data API
  • Enrich Exposure API
  • Exchange Data API
  • Export API
  • Geohaz API
  • Grouping API
  • Import API
  • Legacy API Operation
  • Model API
  • Reference Data API
  • Risk Data API
  • Security API
  • Step API
  • Tenant Data API
  • Variation API