Understand Climate on Demand API policies


Climate on Demand policies define standards for managing platform access and security, and for versioning and deprecating API operations.


Moody's RMS makes the Climate on Demand API available to RMS Intelligent Risk Platform tenants in two licensed tiers for each asset class: real assets and corporate assets.

Real Assets

Tiers: Climate on Demand – Real Assets Standard and Climate on Demand – Real Assets Pro

Corporate Assets

Tiers: Climate on Demand - Corporates Company-level and Climate on Demand - Corporates Facility-level.


The Climate On Demand API restricts access to protected API resources by means of security credentials (an API key or access token).

A client application must pass valid security credentials in every request it makes to the Climate On Demand API. These credentials enable the platform to authenticate the identity of the client application and to confirm that the client application is authorized to access and leverage the requested resources. To learn more, see Authentication and Authorization.

Usage Metering

Climate on Demand APIs serve multiple data packages that are unique in their pricing structure.

Climate on Demand Standard and Pro for Real Assets API pricing is based the number of "lookups."



For customers licensing Climate on Demand Standard or Pro for Real Assets: No additional charge is made for specifying multiple scenarios (rcp) or time horizons (th) in a request. Moody's RMS recommends that if you are interested in scenario analysis that make a single request using a value of all for these two parameters rather than making separate requests for the same facility.

Climate on Demand Corporates is not priced based on volume of usage.

Every API request to score a facility, portfolio, or corporate is metered, regardless of whether the asset(s) had been scored in a previous request.

API Versioning and Deprecation

The Climate on Demand API for all asset classes does not update version numbers for the following changes:

  • Addition of new operation endpoints
  • Changes to the default or optional request parameters
  • Changes to the parameters that must be specified in a request
  • Changes to the attributes returned in a response
  • Updates to Climate on Demand scoring methodologies

Updates to Climate on Demand API resources and operations are recorded in the Changelog.

See the Climate on Demand API Endpoints section for details on version control management in the CoD: Corporates APIs

Scoring Methodology Updates

Moody's RMS makes periodic updates to models based on new science, changing scientific consensus, or a better understanding of hazards. Changes to models may trigger updates to the methodologies used to calculate hazard scores and financial impact scores. To learn more, see Climate on Demand API Endpoints.

The Climate On Demand API supports the current version of a Hazard Scoring Methodology or Financial Impact Scoring Methodologies for Real Assets and Corporates, and, for a reasonable time, previous versions of each methodology to allow customers to manage the transition to the updated methodology as their own discretion.

Updates to Climate on Demand scoring methodologies are recorded in the Changelog.