Create location coverage

Defines the terms of risk or liability for losses such as buildings, personal property, and business interruptions at a specific location.

The id path parameter specifies the ID number of a location. The required datasource query parameter identifies an EDM datasource.

Location coverage defines the terms of location-level coverage for a specific location including maximum insurer liability, the perils covered, and coverage modifiers. All attributes specified in the request body are optional.

  • The waitingPeriod specifies a waiting period deductible in days that applies to business interruption coverage.
  • The id attribute defines the ID number of the covered location.
  • The label attribute specifies an ExposureValue object that identifies peril detail.
  • The eqsModifier attribute specifies the grade of contents covered by in case of an earthquake sprinkler leakage (EQSL) peril.
  • The lossType attribute identifies the loss type covered. One of Building, Contents, BI, or CombinedCvg.
  • The percentSprinkler identifies the percentage of building contents that are beneath a sprinkler and susceptible to water damage.
  • The value attribute identifies the full replacement value of covered buildings and contents and the value of one year of income for business interruption coverage.
  • The biPoi attribute identifies the business interruption period of indemnity in months.
  • The deductible attribute specifies the location coverage deductible.
  • The peril attribute identifies the perils covered.
  • The isValid attribute is a boolean value that indicates whether coverage for a location is valid (1) or invalid (0).


Idempotent requests

This service supports idempotent requests by means of idempotency keys. To learn more, see Idempotent Requests.