Step-by-step instructions for using Risk Modeler API resources to build workflows that accomplish standard risk managment tasks.

Introduction to UnderwriteIQ

UnderwriteIQ leverages the Risk Modeler API to enable underwriters model exposures using custom workflows.

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Import Exposures In Batch

Import batches of exposure data quickly and easily in support of underwriting workflows.

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Custom Underwriting Workflows

Initiate custom worklows to simplify and streamline underwriting workflows consisting of multiple operations.

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Developer Assets

Additional tools for learning to use Risk Modeler API. Moody's RMS makes Open API specification resources available as files that you may download and use.

OpenAPI Specificatiion

Use the OpenAPI defintions to generate servers and clients in various programming languages, and testing tools.

Postman Collection

Download a Postman Collection containing executable descriptions of Risk Modeler API resources.

Moody's RMS Support Center

Support Center is a password-protected area for licensees that provides comprehensive software and model documentation.

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