Create location

Creates a location.

A location is a property, building, business, or other asset that may be damaged by catastrophe events. When location coverage is applied to a location, that location is known as a location exposure.

A location is generally tied to a specific account, which identifies the cedants, underwriters, and policies that are applicable to that location. In general, a policy applies to every location belonging to an account. The Risk Modeler API provides numerous operations for defining details (e.g. policy conditions, reinsurance cessions) that mitigate coverage for a particular location.

Every location is defined by a set of location attributes (for example, property, address, postalCode) and optional building attributes, location conditions, reinsurance cessions, perils (earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.), and other attributes.


Idempotent Request

This operation supports idempotent requests by means of idempotency keys. To learn more, see Idempotent Requests.