Exposure Attributes

Assess and improve the quality of exposure building attributes using the Moody's RMS® ExposureSource Database (ESDB)

The ExposureSource Database (ESDB) compiles comprehensive building attribute data based on a combination of analytics, validation heuristics, and industry exposure data.

ESDB data products support a wide variety of applications including the validation and enrichment of location exposure data. ESDB data products are available for locations in the United States only.

Using the ESDB, you can both assess and enhance the quality of your current exposure data and provide a solid foundation where no data exists.

Step 1: Geocode location

A location must be "geocoded" before it can be enriched or analyzed using the Location Intelligence APIs. Geocoding is the process of enriching a location exposure with geolocation data that precisely identifies the global coordinates of a site. To learn more, see Geocode Addresses.

Step 2: Look up exposure attributes

The POST /us_esdb_building_attributes/latest service updates location exposure data for the specified location using the latest version of the US ESDB Building Attributes data product.

All parameters including those of the location exposure are specified in the request body.

  "location": {
    "address": {
      "countryCode": "US",
      "countryScheme": "ISO2A",
      "countryRmsCode": "US",
      "admin1Code": "TX",
      "rmsGeoModelResolutionCode": 2,
      "geoMatchCode": "K6-99999783726670-K1T1P1A1-K95T100P100A100-T1P1A1-00-AB-TP-X",
      "cityName": "SPICEWOOD",
      "streetAddress": "1900 LAS ENTRADAS"
    "characteristics": {},
    "coverageValues": {}

A successful response returns a 200 status code and building attribute data for the specified address in the response body.

  "warnings": [
      "code": "FLG_XXXX",
      "message": "Warning message"
  "id": 1234,
  "multipleBuildingFlag": "Unknown",
  "isPrimaryBuildingFlag": 0,
  "isHD": 0,
  "numOfStories": 3,
  "numOfStoriesSource": "E",
  "floorArea": 1452,
  "floorAreaSource": "E",
  "yearBuilt": 1965,
  "yearBuiltSource": "E",
  "buildingHeight": 400,
  "construction": "ATC1",
  "constructionSource": "E",
  "occupancy": "ATC1",
  "occupancySource": "E",
  "occupancy2": "ATC2",
  "occupancy3": "ATC3",
  "roofCoverCode": "RMS7",
  "roofCoverDescription": "COMPOSITION SHINGLE",
  "airConditioningDescription": "CENTRAL",
  "exteriorDescription": "BRICK VENEER",
  "roofGeometryCode": "4",
  "roofGeometryDescription": "Gable roof high pitch (>30ยบ)",
  "floorOccupancy": "-1",
  "floorOccupancyDescription": "Finished",
  "foundationSystemDescription": "POST AND PIER",
  "heatingTypeDescription": "CENTRAL",
  "numberOfBaths": "2",
  "numberOfBedrooms": "3",
  "numberOfUnits": "1",
  "pool": "NOT PRESENT",
  "garagingDescription": "GARAGE - ATTACHED",
  "buildingValuationUpperRange": 210000,
  "buildingValuationLowerRange": 180000,
  "currencyCode": "USD",
  "versionId": 0

Next steps

Congratulations! Now that you have enriched the location exposure with building attribute data, you are ready to enrich the exposure with hazard data using RMS Risk Zone and RMS Hazard data products.