Risk Scoring

Identify the vulnerability of locations based on risk scores

A RMS RiskScore™ is a number that represents the calculated risk of a location based on the results of a simulated catastrophe event.

Risk scores may be used for screening, selecting, and triaging locations in underwriting scenarios. Risk scores replace older approaches based on historical hazard data to better estimate the real risk to a geolocated site.

You can calculate the risk score for a geocoded location using Location Intelligence Risk Lookup resources. Risk scoring resources return a risk score for a location.

Step 1: Geocode the location

A location must be "geocoded" before it can be enriched or analyzed using the Location Intelligence APIs. Geocoding is the process of enriching a location exposure with geolocation data that precisely identifies the global coordinates of a site. To learn more, see Geocode Addresses.

Step 2: Risk score the geocoded location

The POST /eu_ws_risk_score/latest resource returns a risk score for a European wind storm using the latest version of the Europe Windstorm RiskScore data product.

All parameters are specified in the body of request.

  "location": {
    "address": {
      "countryCode": "GB",
      "countryScheme": "ISO2A",
      "countryRmsCode": "GB",
      "latitude": 54.988537,
      "longitude": -2.138128,
      "rmsGeoModelResolutionCode": 1
    "characteristics": {
      "construction": "ATC1",
      "occupancy": "ATC1",
      "yearBuilt": 1973,
      "numOfStories": 3
    "coverageValues": {}

A successful request returns a 200 status code and risk score statistics in the response body.

    "score200yr": 1,
    "score500yr": 2,
    "scoreOverall": 2,
    "percentileCountry": 26.70465660095215,
    "score100yr": 1

Risk Intelligence returns RiskScore metrics that measure the vulnerability of the location based on its location and building characteristics:

  • The score100yr is a number that represents the combined RiskScore at the 1 in 100 return period.
  • The score250yr is a number that represents the combined Risk Score at the 1 in 250 return period.
  • The score500yr is a number that represents the combined Risk Score at the 1 in 500 return period.
  • The scoreOverall is a number that represents the overall score.
  • The percentileCountry is a number that represents the riskiness of the location relative to the riskiness of other locations in the country.

Next steps

Congratulations! Now that you have calculated an RMS RiskScore™ for a location exposure, you can now determine whether the premium for this location exposure is sufficient to cover the risk using RMS Loss Cost data products.