Understand Data Bridge security, versioning, and deprecation policies

Security policy

Moody's RMS encrypts all calls to and from RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™, including all requests and responses that leverage the Data Bridge API.

Access to Intelligent Risk Platform is controlled by means of API keys and security tokens. Every request to an RMS API service must provide either a valid API key or security token or the request will be rejected.

API keys and access tokens enable RMS to ensure that the correct licensing, access control, and other tenant-specific customizations are in place. To learn more, see Authentication and Authorization.

Versioning policy

Moody's RMS periodically makes updates the Plaform APIs to introduce new resources, update existing resources, or deprecate outdated resources.

Updates to Platform API resources are recorded in the Changelog.

Deprectation policy

Moody's RMS periodically deprecates and retires resources exposed by the Data Bridge API.

A resource is marked deprecated whenever an updated version of that resource is released.

The deprecated resource remains accessible for at least one year after it has been deprecated, but returns a Warning HTTP header in the response. The Warning header identifies the updated endpoint and the date the current endpoint will be retired. For example,

This API endpoint is deprecated, please switch to riskmodeler/v2/accounts/{id}/analyses. 
Support for this endpoint will end on Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 GMT.

Although deprecated resources are accessible for a one year period, Moody's RMS encourages you to transition to the updated operation as soon as possible to take advantage of greater functionality and improved workflows.