Introduction to Data Migration

Transfer databases between on-premise and managed server instances


The Data Bridge API facilitates the transfer of databases between on-premise server instances and managed server instances on Data Bridge.

Tenants may import or export databases (e.g. EDMs, RDMs, custom databases) as database artifacts. A database artifact is a copy of a database that has been saved to a particular format for backup, storage, or data transfer. Data Bridge APIs support processes for importing and exporting database artifacts in the BAK, MDF, or DACPAC formats.


Role-based Permissions

Authenticated principals with the appropriate role-based permissions (Admin and Contributor roles) may import and export databases to Data Bridge.

Import databases to Data Bridge

The Data Bridge API offers two methods for importing database artifacts to managed server instances on Data Bridge. The method you choose depends on the size of the file uploaded:

  • Small databases. The Databases API defines operations that facilitate the transfer of relatively small database artifacts in a single stream. Use this method for one-off uploads of smaller database artifacts (less than 5GB in size). For step-by-step instructions and sample code, see Import Small Databases.
  • Large databases. The Import/Upload API defines operations that enable you to transfer large files (greater than 5GB in size) in multiple parts. Moody's RMS recommends that you use this method for API integrations. For step-by-step instructions and sample code, see Import Large Databases.

Moody's RMS recommends that you use the Import/Upload API for all upload for all data integration projects. Although this workflow is more complicated than a single-stream upload workflow, multipart upload jobs provide for greater throughput and better recovery from network issues. The Databases API defines enables a process that is suitable for one-off uploads of small database artifacts (less than 5GB) in size.

Both processes leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs to manage the uploading of database artifacts (in BAK, DACPAC, or MDF format) to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Data Bridge provides operations for acquiring pre-signed URIs to storage buckets on Amazon S3 and for importing the uploaded data from the storage bucket into a managed server instance on Data Bridge.

Export databases from Data Bridge

The Data Bridge API also supports exporting hosted databases on Data Bridge as database artifacts. Exported databases may be downloaded and imported into on-premise server instances. To learn more, see Export Databases.