Simulate PLT analysis

Generates a PLT analysis based on the specified ELT base analysis as a post-analysis action.

This operation recalculates projected ELT losses as PLT losses using the specified event rate scheme, simulation set, and number of simulation periods. The simulated PLT analysis returns the event ID of every event in each simulated period, and the calculated loss value of each of these events.

RMS recommends that you run the full number of simulation periods. The number of simulation periods determines the number of possible outcomes that are modeled over the calendar period in order to calculate the OEP and AEP curves. Greater numbers of periods increase the accuracy of modeled results but also increase analysis time and the size of the output data.



To perform this operation, a principal must belong to a group that has been assigned the appropriate role-based permissions. The table identifies the roles with permission to perform this operation.

UnderwriterTechnical UnderwriterRisk AnalystPortfolio ManagerCat Modeler

To learn more about role-based permissions in Risk Modeler, see Groups and Roles.