Recalculate result EP and statistics

Recalculates EP losses and statistics using the specified analysis result as a base analysis.

This feature is designed to enable Intelligent Risk Platform tenants to recalculate the EP losses and statistics in an older analysis result (such as one imported from an on-premise RDM) using the Intelligent Risk Platform. In a post-analysis action, the operation recalculates the results of the base analysis and generates an updated result.

Once the RERUN_EP job is complete, the operation writes a recalculated result with a new ID and a name that appends the string _RECALC to the name of the base analysis.



To perform this operation, a principal must belong to a group that has been assigned the appropriate role-based permissions. The table identifies the roles with permission to perform this operation.

UnderwriterTechnical UnderwriterRisk AnalystPortfolio ManagerCat Modeler

To learn more about role-based permissions in Risk Modeler, see Groups and Roles.