Analyze aggregate portfolio

Analyzes a specific aggregate portfolio using aggregate loss modules (ALM).

ALM analysis leverages ALM profiles to calculate the frequency, severity, and associated losses of catastrophic events for an aggregate portfolio. ALM analyze an aggregate portfolio by matching the geographic resolution and the line of business of the exposure data to an ALM profile.

The required almProfileIds attribute specifies an array of ALM profiles identified by their ID numbers.

An ALM profile is a pre-compiled database of loss ratio estimates and associated variances for a specific peril for one line of business at a certain geographic resolution. The ALM profile incorporates a set of assumptions regarding policy structures, geographic distributions, construction inventories, and insurance coverage type. The loss ratios and variances are provided for all events at the selected geographic resolution. For more information about ALM profiles for specific regions and perils, see RMS Owl.


Workflow Job

If successful, returns a 202 Accepted HTTP response and initates a ALM workflow job on the workflow engine. To learn more, see Workflow Engine.


Idemptopotent Operation

This operation supports idempotency by means of idempotency keys. To learn more, see Idempotent Requests.