Convert perspective

Generates a new analysis based on an existing analysis by converting the financial perspective used in the original analysis to a new financial perspective. This is known as financial service mapping.

Financial service mapping serves three distinct business scenarios depending on the mapping option (mapPerspectiveOption) specified.

  • If INCLUDE_DOWNSTREAM is specified, the service maps the sourcePerspective to the newPerspective and copies the mapping to all downstream perspectives except reinsurance gross (RG) and reinsurance net (RN). The downstream perspectives (except RG and RN) return same results as the specified newPerspective.
  • If DELETE_OTHER is specified, the service maps the sourcePerspective to the newPerspective and deletes records for all perspectives other than the newPerspective including the sourcePerspective. All perspectives other than the specified newPerspective return a value of 0.
  • If SELECT_OTHER is specified, the service maps the sourcePerspective to newPerspective. All other downstream and upstream perspectives are unchanged.

Financial perspectives are understood to be upstream or downstream of one another.


The required id path parameter identifies a "source" analysis, the analysis results on which the new analysis is based.

The request body defines four attributes: an analysisName, sourcePerspective, newPerspective, and mapPerspectiveOption. If the optional analysisName attribute is undefined, the service generates a name for the new analysis by appending the string _PERSP to the name of the original analysis.

The mapPerspectiveOption attribute accepts one of three values: INCLUDE_DOWNSTREAM, DELETE_OTHER, and SELECT_ONLY.

The sourcePerspective and newPerspective attributes specify the used in the source analysis and the financial perspective used in the new analysis respectively.

Financial perspectives are identified by a two-character string. Upstream perspectives are higher in the table than downstream perspectives.

GU Ground Up Loss
GS Ground Up Specified Loss
G2 Ground Up Loss - Secondary Peril
G1 Ground Up Loss - Primary Peril
CL Client Loss
UC Underlying Coverage
OL Over Limit Loss
OI Other Insurer’s Loss
GR Gross Loss
FA Faculative Reinsurance Loss
SS Surplus Share Treaty Loss
QS Quota Share Treaty Loss
WX Working Excess Treaty Loss
RL New Loss Pre Cat
RP Net Loss Post Cat
RC Net Loss Post Corporate Cat
RG Reinsurance Gross Loss
RN Reinsurance New Loss

The client can call the Get perspectives by analysis service to retrieve the list of financial perspectives.


On submission, the service returns a 202 Accepted status and a URI in the Location header that enables you to track the status of the job ({host}/v1/workflows/100000). On completion, the analysis is added to the Intelligent Risk Platform RDM.