Import database from file

Returns a pre-signed URL for use in importing smaller databases. The pre-signed URL provides temporary access to an S3 bucket.

The client should upload a MDF, BAK, or DACPAC database artifact to the URL before initiating an import job. For step-by-step instructions on importing small databases to Data Bridge using Data Bridge and AWS APIs, see Import Small Databases.


Database Size Limits

Use this operation to import databases that are no larger than 100GB in size. To upload larger databases, import the database in multiple parts using the Import/Upload API. To learn more, see Import Large Databases.


Role-based Permissions

To perform this operation, a principal must belong to a group that has been assigned the appropriate role-based permissions. The table identifies the roles with permission to perform this operation.


To learn more about role-based permissions in Data Bridge, see Groups and Roles.