Returns period loss table (PLT) data for the specified analysis.

The required perspective query parameter identifies the financial perspective. Financial perspectives are identified by a two-character string.

GU Ground Up Loss
GS Ground Up Specified Loss
G2 Ground Up Loss - Secondary Peril
G1 Ground Up Loss - Primary Peril
CL Client Loss
UC Underlying Coverage
OL Over Limit Loss
OI Other Insurer’s Loss
GR Gross Loss
FA Faculative Reinsurance Loss
SS Surplus Share Treaty Loss
QS Quota Share Treaty Loss
WX Working Excess Treaty Loss
RL New Loss Pre Cat
RP Net Loss Post Cat
RC Net Loss Post Corporate Cat
RG Reinsurance Gross Loss
RN Reinsurance New Loss

Loss results generated by an HD model are stored in a period loss table (PLT). Every row in the PLT represents an event that causes damage, and therefore loss, to the exposure being analyzed. The event is stamped with the date that the event occurred and with a loss date that the policy payout occurred.