Get ALM profiles by aggregate portfolio

The Get profiles by aggregate portfolio service returns a list of the ALM profiles that are applicable to the specified aggregate portfolio.

ALM profile data is used by the Aggregate Loss Model (ALM) to analyze cedants' aggregate portfolios. An ALM profile contains loss estimates for a specific line of business in a specific region. These loss estimates are based on modeling assumptions regarding policy structures, geographic distributions, and construction inventories. ALM profiles are grouped by peril and region. Each profile group includes specific profiles for specific lines of business.

The service accepts an optional includeHD query parameter as a Boolean value, which enables you to retrieve HD ALM profiles. If true, the service returns HD ALM profiles that are applicable to the specified aggregate profile. The service returns an error if no HD ALM profiles exist for the specified aggregate portfolio.

The includeHD query parameter may be appended to the endpoint along with existing endpoint queries.

GET /v1/aggregate-portfolios/5/profiles? \