Get ALM profiles by aggregate portfolio

Returns a list of the ALM profiles that are applicable to the specified aggregate portfolio.

An ALM profile is a pre-compiled database of loss ratio estimates and associated variances for a specific peril for one line of business at a certain geographic resolution. The ALM profile incorporates a set of assumptions regarding policy structures, geographic distributions, construction inventories, and insurance coverage type. The loss ratios and variances are provided for all events at the selected geographic resolution. For more information about ALM profiles for specific regions and perils, see RMS Owl.

The operation accepts an optional includeHD query parameter as a Boolean value, which enables you to retrieve HD ALM profiles. If true, the service returns HD ALM profiles that are applicable to the specified aggregate profile. The service returns an error if no HD ALM profiles exist for the specified aggregate portfolio.

The includeHD query parameter may be appended to the endpoint along with existing endpoint queries.

GET /v1/aggregate-portfolios/5/profiles?datasource=uploaded_NZEQ&softwareVersionCode=RL18.1&includeHD=true