Get file location on S3

Fetches the path to a storage bucket on S3 and temporary security credentials.

The bucketId path parameter identifies a storage bucket on AWS. Use the Get storage bucket URI service to retrieve the bucketId.

The request package identifies the fileInputType, fileName, fileSize, and fileType. The fileType and fileName attributes are required.

  • The fileInputType attribute identifies the job type (ALM or MRI).
  • The fileName attribute specifies the name of the flat file to be uploaded.
  • The fileSize attribute specifies the size of the flat file in kilobytes.
  • The fileType attribute specifies the type of data contained in the flat file. One of account (account data), risk (location data), reins (reinsurance data), or mapping (mapping data).

If successful, the response returns a 201 status code and base64 encoded temporary security credentials from the AWS Security Token Service.