Get policy conditions

Gets a list of policy conditions.

A policy condition identifies special conditions that affect the way a policy applies to a location. The policy condition may be used to implement policy restrictions or sublimits at a particular location.

  • The id attribute specifies the ID of the policy condition.
  • The name attribute identifies the condition. Unique per policy but can be reused within an account.
  • The isPredefined attribute specifies if the policy condition is predefined (true) or ad-hoc (false).
  • The limit attribute specifies the total amount of coverage provided by the condition. Is multiplied by the insurer's pro-rata participation to determine their specific exposure.
  • The deductible attribute specifies a deductible that is associated with the condition. Values <= 1 are interpreted as percentages; values > 1 are interpreted as flat amounts. By default, 0.
  • The deductibleType attribute specifies the deductible type. One of 0 (the % of values) or 1 (reserved for future use). By default, 0.
  • The conditionType attribute specifies whether the condition restricts all policy coverage to specific locations (policy condition) or a portion of the coverage is limited to a subset of locations (sublimit). One of 1 (policy restriction) or 2 (sublimit).
  • The parentCondition attribute specifies the id of the parent condition when the policy condition is a sub-condition.
  • The policyNumber attribute specifies the ID of a policy. If the policy condition is predefined, 0.
  • The policyConditionCriterias attribute is an object that specifies the criteria (if any) associated with the policy condition. Policy conditions may be applied to locations that match the specified criteria.
  • The percentOfLossDeductibleAmountattribute specifies the percent of loss deductible amount as a percentage. Deductible expressed as a percentage of loss for a given coverage or combination of coverages. As the loss increases, the deductible amount increases.
  • The isFranchiseDeductible attribute indicates if the deductible is conventional or franchise.