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The service accepts parameters appended to the service endpoint. Using these query parameters, you can limit the scope of the query or sort and paginate the data returned.

  • The countryFips parameter identifies a country using its Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) country code. The FIPS country code is a two-character code that uniquely identifies a geopolitical entity. For example, the FIPS country code for the United States is US.
  • The admin1Code parameter is a two-character code that represents a large geographic division within a country such as a prefecture, province, region, or state. For example, the admin1Code for the state of California is CA.
  • The admin2Code parameter identifies a geographic division within a country using a three-digit code. The admin2Code identifies entities that are smaller than the entities represented by admin1Code. For example, in the United States admin1Code identifies a state and the admin2Code identifies a county.

The postalCode parameter identifies locations by postal codes.

If no query parameter is specified, the service returns postcode-level data for all countries.

In the example, we have used the countryFips query parameter to request postal-code level data for the United States. A successful response returns not only postcode-level data, but also all Admin3-level, Admin2-level, Admin1-level, and country-level geolocation data for the United States.