postalCode 21.0

Returns postcode-level data for locations matching the specified query parameters.

Query parameters enable you to define the scope of the query or sort and paginate the data returned. If no query parameter is specified, the service returns postcode-level data for all countries.

  • The countryFips parameter identifies a country using its Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) country code. The FIPS country code is a two-character code that uniquely identifies a geopolitical entity. For example, the FIPS country code for the United States is US.
  • The admin1Code parameter is a two-character code that represents a large geographic division within a country such as a prefecture, province, region, or state. For example, the admin1Code for the state of California is CA.
  • The admin2Code parameter identifies a geographic division within a country using a three-digit code. The admin2Code identifies entities that are smaller than the entities represented by admin1Code. For example, in the United States admin1Code identifies a state and the admin2Code identifies a county.
  • The postalCode parameter identifies locations by postal codes.

A successful response returns not only postcode-level data, but also all Admin3-level, Admin2-level, Admin1-level, and country-level geolocation data for the United States.