Geocode address

Geocodes locations that match the specified parameters.

Geocoding enriches a location exposure with geolocation data that precisely identifies the global coordinates of a site.

A location may be geocoded at different resolution levels. The lower the resolution level, the more accurate the the location coordinates returned by the geocoding service.



The Risk Modeler API supports the definition, importation, and geocoding of locations in over 230 countries. Locations may be geocoded in countries that have RMS catastrophe models and countries that have no models. Your ability to geocode locations in specific countries depend on your company’s licensing agreements with RMS.

Accuracy and confidence in modeled results are driven by the quality of geolocation reference data provided to the gelocation engine. As geocoding resolution increases, the number of assumptions made during the modeling process decreases and the more accurate the global coordinates returned during gelocation.

The table lists layer attributes by resolution level. Lower resolutions are presented at the top of the table:

Resolution CodeGeographic identifiers
14countryScheme, countryGeoId, countryRmsCode, country
11zone1Name zone1GeoId
11zone3Name zone3GeoId
11zone4Name zone4GeoId
10admin1Code, admin1Name, admin1GeoId
9admin2Code, admin2Name, admin2GeoId
8admin3Code, admin3Name, admin3GeoId
7cityCode, cityName, cityGeoId
6admin4Code, admin4Name, admin4GeoId
5postalCodeGeoId, postalCode
5locationCode, locationCodeGeoId