Upload EDM

Migrates exposure data previously uploaded to a storage bucket on Amazon S3 to an EDM on the Intelligent Risk Platform using an IMPORT_EDM job.

The required uploadId path parameter specifies the ID number the AWS task used to upload the EDM to a storage bucket on S3. Use the Get storage bucket URI operation to retrieve the uploadId. The uploadId must be specified both as a query parameter and as a body parameter.

Once the job is complete, the exposure data uploaded to the storage bucket is automatically deleted.


Data Migration Recipe

This operation may be used in tandem with AWS APIs and other Risk Modeler API operations to manage the transfer of on-premise EDMs to the Intelligent Risk Platform. For step-by-step instructions, see Import EDMs.


Idemptopotent Operation

This operation supports idempotency by means of idempotency keys. To learn more, see Idempotent Requests.