Convert event rates and losses

Generates a new analysis based on an existing portfolio-level EP analysis by applying event rate or event loss rate adjustments to the original analysis results.

Event rate adjustments

Event rate adjustments enable you to compare results using different event rates. The event loss rate defines the annual probability of that event occurring.

The eventRateSchemeIds attribute accepts an array of event rate schemes identified by ID number. If unspecified, the service returns event loss adjustments only.

Event loss adjustments

Event loss adjustments enable you to scale mean losses and uncertainty to align with your organization's view of risk.

The eventLossAdjustmentSchemeIds attribute accepts an array of event loss adjustment schemes.If unspecified, the service returns event rate adjustments only.

If successful, returns a 202 Accepted HTTP response and initiates a CONVERT_EVENT_LOSS_RATE job on the workflow engine.

Once the job is complete, the service writes the upated analysis results to the RDM using new analysis ID and a name that appends the string _EVENT to the name of the original analysis result.