An account defines a contract between a buyer (the cedant) and a seller (the underwriter) that transfers risk from the contract buyer to the contract seller in exchange for some premium.

The accounts resource enables clients to create new account objects that encompass the underwriter, branch, producer, and cedant objects. A policy defines the terms of the contract between the cedant and underwriter regarding one or more locations.

    ├── id 
    ├── name 
    ├── number*
    ├── status 
    ├── Cedant 
    ├── Producer 
    ├── Underwriter 
    ├── Branch 
    ├── userId1 
    ├── userId2 
    ├── userId3 
    ├── userId4 
    ├── userText1   
    ├── userText2   
    ├── createDate  
    ├── stampDate   
    ├── state [ InActive, Active ]
    ├── linkId 
    ├── guiId 
    ├── isValid 
    └── CustomData