Submit MRI Import Job

Submit an MRI import job to the platform for processing



Now that you have uploaded the account, location, reinsurance, and mapping MRI files to the storage bucket, run the MRI import job to that exposure data into the Exposure Data Module.

Step 1: Run MRI import job

The Create and run a new import job service enables you to create and runs an MRI_IMPORT workflow job.

curl --request POST \
     --url https://{host}/riskmodeler/v1/imports \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     --header 'Accept-Language: en-US' \
     --header 'Authorization: {api_key}'

You may optionally localize the language of the imported data by specifying Accept-Language in the header of the import job request. If the Accept-Language header does not specify a language or specifies an unsupported language, the service returns messages in the default language, American English (en-US).

Risk Modeler supports requests for content that specify the following tags in Accept-Language HTTP header requests:

  • en-US: American English
  • en-GB: British English
  • de-DE: Standarddeutsch
  • fr-FR: le français standard

All parameters are specified in the request body.

    "accountsFileId": {{accountFilePrefix}},
    "locationsFileId": {{locationFilePrefix}},
    "reinsuranceFileId": null,
    "mappingFileId": {{mappingId}},
    "bucketId": {{bucketId}},
    "delimiter": "TAB",
    "skipLines": 1,
    "dataSourceName": "postman_edm",
    "geoHaz": true,
    "appendLocations": false,
    "portfolioId": null

The call retrieves the exposure data and mappings from the specified S3 bucket and uploads data to the specified EDM data source.

  • The accountFileId field identifies the ID number of the account flat file.
  • The locationFileId field identifies the ID number of the location flat file.
  • The reinsuranceFileld field identifies the ID number of the reinsurance flat file.
  • The mappingFileId field specifies the ID number of the mapping file.
  • The bucketId field specifies the ID of the Amazon S3 storage bucket.
  • The delimiter field identifies the delimiter used to identify data columns in the flat file. One of commas, semicolons, and TAB characters. RMS recommends that you use TABs or semicolons instead of commas as delimiters to ensure that numbers are parsed correctly,
  • The dataSourceName field specifies the cloud-based EDM datastore to which the account, location, and reinsurance data is to be uploaded.
  • The portfolioId field may specify the ID number of a portfolio. All uploaded accounts are associated with the specified portfolio. If null, the uploaded accounts are not associated with any portfolio.

A successful response returns a 201 status code and the workflowId of the job in the Location response header.

The MRI import process validates the imported account, location, and reinsurance data and the mappings between those fields before it imports exposure data into the EDM.

Step 2: View MRI import job status

The Get job status service enables you to view the status of the MRI import job and a link to the validation report. The workflow ID is specified in the endpoint path.

curl --location --request GET 'https://{host}/riskmodler/v1/workflows/{id}' \
--header 'Authorization: {api_key}'

If successful, the response returns a 200 status code and the workflowId of the job in the Location response header.

  "id": 451289,
  "userName": "[email protected]",
  "status": "FINISHED",
  "submitTime": "2020-07-01T17:58:30.310Z",
  "startTime": "2020-07-01T17:58:33.608Z",
  "endTime": "2020-07-01T18:03:25.335Z",
  "name": "ACCOUNT",
  "type": "MRI_IMPORT",
  "jobs": [
      "id": "c1469aad-4a36-4e75-9999-8daf3b0886a1",
      "taskId": 0,
      "workflowId": 451289,
      "status": "Succeeded",
      "submitTime": "2020-07-01T17:58:33.929Z",
      "createdAt": "2020-07-01T17:58:30.309Z",
      "name": "MRI_IMPORT",
      "input": {
        "name": "MRI_IMPORT"
      "output": {
        "importSummary": "Imported 1 Accounts and 2 Locations"
      "priorJobs": [],
      "percentComplete": 100
  "summary": {
    "validationDownloadLink": "Not Available",
    "importSummary": "Imported 1 Accounts and 2 Locations",
    "expirationDate": "Not Available"
  "progress": 100,
  "messages": []

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