Introduction to Data Bridge

Manage exposure, analysis result, and custom data on the cloud


Data Bridge is a data integration service that enables Moody's RMS customers to share data between cloud-based and on-premise systems.

The Data Bridge API defines services that enable authorized clients to transfer databases between on-premise and managed SQL Server instances. Moody's RMS exposure data uploaded to an EDM on Data Bridge may be accessed and processed by applications like Risk Modeler running on Risk Intelligence™. Analysis results store and managed in an RDM on Data Bridge may e downloaded on-premise systems for further examination using a variety of third-party applications. These services may be used for custom SQL Server databases as well as EDM and RDM data modules.


  • Download a Postman Collection containing a group of executable requests that describe standard Data Bridge workflows.

  • Discover and understand Data Bridge resources. Use the OpenAPI definitions to generate servers and clients in various programming languages and testing tools.

  • Support Center is a password-protected area for licensees that provides comprehensive software and model documentation.