Defining Exposure Data

Learn to import exposure data into cloud-based EDM


RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™ is a cloud-based platform for advanced modeling and risk analytics that enables you to analyze the potential risk and financial loss to an account associated with a particular exposure. The first step is to upload exposure, hazard, and financial data to the EDM. Once exposure data has been imported into the EDM, it is available for running analyses and for exchanging data with other RMS products.

The RMS Risk Modeler API provides developers with three distinct methods for importing exposure data to the EDM.

Your options for importing exposure data are not mutually exclusive. You can use any combination of these methods to import and update exposure data in the EDM.

Option 1: Define exposures

The Risk Modeler API provides calls for managing exposures.

  • The accounts resource enables clients to create new account objects that encompass the underwriter, branch, producer, and cedant objects. A policy defines the terms of the contract between the cedant and underwriter regarding one or more locations. To learn more, see Manage Accounts.
  • A location is a property, building, business, or other asset that may be damaged by catastrophe events. When location coverage is applied to a location, that location is known as a location exposure. To learn more, see Manage Locations.

Option 2: Import exposures from MRI files

Multi-relational import (MRI) is a process for importing exposure data into an EDM from a set of flat files uploaded to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

The MRI process utilizes flat files of account, location, reinsurance exposure data. A flat file is a delimited text file that stores structured data in a plain text format. MRI leverages a separate mapping file to define the relationships between the account, location, and reinsurance exposures. To learn more, see Multi-Relational Import.

Option 2: Import EDM database

The Risk Modeler File Storage API defines services that enable you to migrate entire EDMs to Intelligent Risk Platform by uploading EDM database artifacts to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). To learn more, see Import EDMs.

Next steps

Congratulations! Now that you understand the options available to you for importing exposure data, you will learn to add account and location data to the exposure using RMS API services.