Risk Modeler, August 18, 2022

The August 18, 2022 release introduces changes that support the exporting of multiple location results as CSV files.

The Export data module service (POST v2/exports) exports EDM or RDM data depending on the specified type attribute. If the LocationResultsExportInput type is specified, the service enables you to export and download location results as CSV files.

The updated service now requires that clients specify the locationId request parameter in the exposureFields array when exporting multiple analysis results.

    "type": "LocationResultsExportInput",
    "exportType": "LOCATION_RESULTS",
    "exportFields": ["locationId", "locationNumber", "locationName", "zone1", "county", "latitude", "longitude"],
    "perspectives": ["GU", "GS", "OL", "EL", "G2", "CL", "UC"],
    "fileName": "FileName",
    "analysisIds": [64926, 64927]

This change enables the workflow engine to process `DOWNLOAD_LOCATION_RESULTS` where multiple analysis are specified.