Risk Modeler, November 2022

The November release introduces the Reports API, role-based permissions, and premium Locations attribute data.

Location Intelligence, October 2022

2022.10.c: Location Intelligence introduces the US Severe Convective Storm 18.1 loss cost and risk score data products and FEMA P3 updates

Risk Modeler, September 2022

The September release introduces marginal impact reporting and enhancements to the Export and Location operations.

Location Intelligence, September 2022

2022.09.c: Location Intelligence introduces the Canada Earthquake MMI, Mexico Earthquake MMI, New Zealand Flood Depth data products.

Data Bridge, August 31, 2022

The August release of the Data Bridge API introduces group-level access controls for server instances and services that enable Data Bridge cluster security administration.

Risk Modeler, August 31, 2022

The August 31, 2022 release of the Risk Modeler API adds support for group-level access controls to exposure sets and introduces API services that enable clients to view and update exposure set access control lists.

Risk Modeler, August 18, 2022

The August 18, 2022 release introduces changes that support the exporting of multiple location results as CSV files.

Data Bridge, June 2022

The June 2022 release features enhancements to Data Bridge role-based privileges that enable you to grant privileges to roles in custom schemas.


Location Intelligence, June 2022

2022.06.d: Location Intelligence introduces the Caribbean Windstorm Risk Score 21.0 and Caribbean Windstorm Loss Costs 21.0 data products.


Risk Modeler, June 2022

Batch management of exposures, enhanced user-defined workflows, and updates to climate change processing are featured in the June, 2022 release.